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Ethernet bandwidth is symmetrical which means that bandwidth is the same for both upload and download. Also, both upload and download can be used at full bandwidth simultaneously. Ethernet provides an extremely stable/reliable circuit which is usually provided with the same service level agreements (SLAs) offered with other forms of commercial bandwidth such as T1, DS3 and OC circuits.  

Approximately ten years ago, a business would pay approximately $1000 for a 1.5 mbps T1 circuit. In those days, a T1 circuit often did a great job of meeting the needs of a small to medium sized business. In present times however, small to medium businesses require much more bandwidth. Bandwidth consuming applications which greatly increase the efficiency of a business are increasingly more common and essential for business success. Ethernet over copper now meets these needs perfectly, providing about 7 times more bandwidth than T1 for little more than what the cost of T1 was 10 years ago.  

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