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Ethernet bandwidth is symmetrical which means that bandwidth is the same for both upload and download. Also, both upload and download can be used at full bandwidth simultaneously. Ethernet provides an extremely stable/reliable circuit which is usually provided with the same service level agreements (SLAs) offered with other forms of commercial bandwidth such as T1, DS3 and OC circuits.  

Ethernet over copper has inherent redundant features. EoC is provided over five copper pairs. If any of these pairs go down, the circuit continues over the remaining pairs that continue to be up. At this point, EoC costs approximately 35% (65% savings) of what the equivalent bandwidth of bonded t1 or fractional ds3 would cost. Ethernet over copper averages about $1200 per month. 10 mbps of bonded t1 averages approximately $2700. EoDS1 costs about 65% of what the equivalent bandwidth of 10 mbps bonded t1 would cost, at an average of about $1800 per month, depending on loop length. EoC can facilitate virtually all bandwidth applications and functions such as: VoIP, MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) networking, routine data transfer, video conferencing, and point-to-point circuits. One of the most popular applications facilitated by EoC is dynamically allocated integrated voice, SIP, networking and/or internet. With QoS (quality of service), dynamic integrated voice internet circuits can meet virtually all of the telecommunication needs of a company, including voice (with near perfect quality), location to location networking, and internet. With dynamic allocation, these services are provided in an extremely efficient manner.  

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